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Volunteers in Lesvos

Why are volunteers being treating like criminals in Greece?

Natasha Tsangarides examines what’s driving a crackdown on people supporting refugees on the island of Lesvos.

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Mass civil obedience is killing us

Defendants from direct action environmental group Plane Stupid may face prison terms. Jamie Kelsey-Fry reports.

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‘If you want to know the truth, read the Qur’an, not The Daily Mail

Comedian Shazia Mirza is fed up at having to apologize for the actions of deranged individuals who claim to share her faith.


At the Coalface

Ten more years of UK coal burning will be a lifetime on the ground, writes Liam Barrington-Bush.


Whose London Is It Anyway?

Property development is threatening important cultural and community venues, writes Amber Massie-Blomfield.


Brandon Astor Jones – time is running out

An execution date of 2 February has been set. Please write to the State Board of Pardons and Paroles to appeal for clemency.

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Facebook and India: Introducing a digital caste system

The social media behemoth is seeking a massive digital ‘land grab’ to enclose the future of the country’s internet, writes Chris Spannos.


The Robin Hood Army

It’s heartening to read about an altruistic movement with no hidden motives except to feed the hungry, homeless and needy, writes Mari Marcel Thekaekara.

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Venezuela’s food revolution

The country has fought off big agribusiness and promoted agroecology, explains Nick Dearden.

London climate march

Stop Aviation, Stop Co2lonialism

Aviation is a continued pattern of privilege for the very few at the expense of the many, argues Plane Stupid.

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David Bowie and me

How the artist helped to change Chris Brazier’s life.

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