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Recipe of the Week: Gramma Cake (Russia)

Week 2: Want something sweet? Try this simple and traditional Russian cake made with flour, eggs, raisins and chocolate chips.

Rax Interview with Surfers Against Sewage

We make the campaigns accessible, utilising a variety of platforms to highlight the problems and promote the sustainable, achievable solutions.

Recipe of the Week: Bobotie (South Africa)

Week 1: Our Global Vegetarian Recipe of the Week begins with Bobotie, a traditional South African dish full of spice!

Rax Interview with Peter Tatchell

"Follow your conscience. Do what you believe to be right. Don't follow the mob or do something just because it is popular. Think for yourself."

Rax Interview with Scott Forbes

I suppose you just have to keep pushing and carry on climbing that uphill struggle in making change happen. NEVER GIVE UP!”

Rax Interview with Bob Crow

"Democracy is not a spectator sport. There are countless campaigns for peace, anti-racism and the environment for people to get involved with - and of course trade unions, which fight to win a fair deal for workers both in the workplace and through political lobbying."

Rax Interview with Isla Brown

The potential with any campaign that involves so much commitment and effort is that it could sometimes drive people apart as well as together and I think the ultimate goal is to try and stay close to your end vision and everything else will fall into place and have the significance that it deserves.”

Rax Interview with Thom Yorke

"…people find it harder and harder as they get further sucked into their lives to see how things could be different. It requires energy. It also requires you to imagine it for them. Nothing can be done if it has not first been imagined."

And the winner of the Caine Prize is...

… Olufemi Terry from Sierra Leone, who was awarded the Prize in Oxford, England, last night.

Rax Interview with Paul O'Connor

Be bold and seek truth; be humble, but also confident in what you know and don’t lose your curiosity in trying to figure things out; and based on your search for truth and discovery of truth, speak that truth loudly and clearly to power if given that chance.”

Rax Interview with Franny Armstrong

…the only thing stopping us is ourselves. Our collective actions in the coming months and years will define our generation for all time. Are we going to be the Age of Stupid or shall we give saving ourselves a go?”

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