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The No-Nonsense Guide to World Poverty

The book is based on a simple proposition – that the opposite of poverty is not wealth, but sufficiency. As long as the pursuit of more continues to outrun the desire for a stable security, poverty must persist.’

Rax Interview with Laurie Pycroft

"Once you’re sure that you’re on the right side of a debate, and that it’s an issue you care deeply about, don’t let anyone talk you out of pushing forward with it."

Rax Interview with Craig Kielburger

"Whenever we see something wrong, whenever we see an injustice, we should speak out. I don’t think we should shrug those responsibilities. We do human rights work not because it’s easy but because it’s necessary."

The No-Nonsense Guide to Tourism

When I researched The No Nonsense Guide to Tourism, I was fascinated by the way the concept of ‘paradise’ was created by the tourism industry and the way we bought into it, hook, line and sinker.’

Recipe of the Week: Swooning Imam (Turkey)

Week 15: Our last Recipe of the Week is a Turkish delight of peppers, tomatoes, garlic and spices stuffed in an aubergine and served with a delectable mint sauce. 

Recipe of the Week: Ho-ddeock (South Korea)

Week 14: Just in time for the holidays, these Ho-ddeock cinnamon buns are full of sticky, delicious goodness!

Rax Interview with Jonathan Mazower

"Nothing worth fighting for has ever been achieved without a fight! Young people have always been the drivers of change – if we just accept the world as it is, for most people, that means continuing to have pretty miserable lives."

Recipe of the Week: Dobi (Zimbabwe)

Week 13: This traditional Zimbabwean dish is made of spinach and tomato and is sure to whet your appetite! 

Rax Interview with Jess Worth

I think a lot of young people don’t realise how powerful they are… I know that clever, strategic campaigning by young people can change things because I have seen it happen. So my advice would be ‘just do it!’”

Recipe of the Week: Moussaka (Turkey)

Week 12:  Although it takes an hour to bake (only 20 to prepare), this Moussaka dish is worth it - packed full of Turkish spices, cheese and flavour!

Rax Interview with Robbie Gillett

"When you face a big problem by yourself, it can seem really scary and daunting.  But when you take action collectively with others, you feel empowered and stronger together."

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