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The No-Nonsense Guide to Global Finance

"Risk-taking is after all what you would expect from entrepreneurs, many of whom have not just made huge fortunes but also lost them in spectacular bankruptcies. The real shock was to discover the extent to which banking had evolved into a special case of state-subsidized capitalism that underwrites one-way bets."

The No-Nonsense Guide to Democracy

What is glimpsed at such times is a sense of what democracy could be: a notion of radical self-rule.’

The No-Nonsense Guide to Fair Trade

"The really quite extraordinary growth of fair trade has not, of course, come without pain. To my mind, it works best as a clear contradiction of the principles (such as they are) of free-market corporate globalization."

Rax Interview with Emily Thornberry MP

"The young people of today should have the courage and confidence to know that they too will be able to tackle the problems that they face."

The No-Nonsense Guide to Human Rights

Given the 1 billion hungry people in the world today and the need to increase global food production by 50% by 2050 under increasingly challenging conditions, you don’t have to be a greenie to lose sleep over climate change.’

The No-Nonsense Guide to Global Media

Peter Steven explores the diversity of world media in the No-Nonsense Guide to Global Media and in this blog introduces a media phenomenon in Africa.

Rax Interview with David Babbs

We want to make it easy and exciting for all those people who care to come together to make a difference.’ David Babbs, 38 degrees

Rax Interview with Simon Hughes MP

Active young citizens in Britain can do lots of really useful things. You can help work out how best to involve many more young people in the decisions taken in your area and further away… There is also a lot of opportunity to become involved in public and community life locally.’

The No-Nonsense Guide to Global Surveillance

"Surveillance has truly become a global state in its own right. Anybody could tell that by picking up a newspaper." 

Rax Interview with Media Lens

"We try to bear in mind that the corporate media is the source of some of the greatest, most lethal illusions of our age. We feel that challenging those illusions is of real value in efforts to combat human and animal suffering."

The No-Nonsense Guide to World Poverty

The book is based on a simple proposition – that the opposite of poverty is not wealth, but sufficiency. As long as the pursuit of more continues to outrun the desire for a stable security, poverty must persist.’

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