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‘Kill the Beef-eaters!’

A climate of fear is building in India as anti-Muslim sentiment leads to murder. Mari Marcel Thekaekara reports.


Global Goals vs TTIP: trading human rights for profit

Three million concerned Europeans signed a petition against a controversial new trade deal that will undermine human rights, explains Mark Dearn.


Jeremy Corbyn 2008: ‘the twilight existence of migrant life’

The new Labour Party leader made prescient observations about the crisis of migration that ring true today.

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Peace needs truth, not punishment

Retribution will not heal old wounds in Colombia, warns Leonardo Goi

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A just, sustainable and democratized energy is on its way

Lisa Nandy’s vision of energy democracy isn’t idealism, argues Sakina Sheikh.

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When tax meets game-changing politics

In this podcast, the Tax Justice Network look at the intersection of tax and game-changing politics.

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Saudi appointment to UN human rights panel is a farce

Felicity Arbuthnot considers a spectacular new low for the United Nations.

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The UN sustainable development goals miss the point

It’s all about power, argues Nick Dearden.

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British tribunal victory for Indian worker

Mari Marcel Thekaekara welcomes the news – but wonders when India will follow suit.

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Beware Cowspiracy – and the spread of the vegan virus

Alison Homewood on the doc that’s turning people vegan in droves. 


Mumbai defendants’ trial by media

Dilnaz Boga reflects on why the guilty verdict against the 12 accused is itself suspect.

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