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The truth about inequality

Wealth is highly concentrated among relatively few very rich people, says Michael Roscoe.

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Mafia, #LuxLeaks and more tax scandal

The latest podcast from the Tax Justice Network.


Israel’s second-class citizens

Noreen Sadik reports as discrimination increases against Arab-Israeli citizens in Jerusalem.

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Bangaloreans segregate waste to save their city

An Indian recycling scheme gives Mari Marcel Thekaekara hope.

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Good for nothing – except procrastination

The climate summit in Peru dodged all the big issues. Now the clock is ticking, says Joe Ware.

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Greenham Common's final act

Peace campaigner Sarah Hipperson completes the final act in a peace drama that has dominated the last 30 years of her life. Paul Donovan reports.

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The business of human rights

If people are to be put above profit, we need to rethink our economic model, says Amit Singh.

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Work: Why are there so few decent jobs now?

Michael Roscoe examines why there are so few decent jobs at the moment.

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Caught in the crossfire

Indigenous leader Irrael Manuel Aguilar Solano on the continuing injustices faced by his people in Colombia.

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Shielding the ants from the elephants

Milan Gandhi looks at what’s at stake at COP20 for those bearing the brunt of the West’s failure to tackle climate change.


Patriarchy’s unlikely victims

Is the system equally damaging to both men and women? Amit Singh thinks so.

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